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Women volunteering opportunities

Become a volunteer in Guatemala! But before signing up for one of these projects, please read everything about our volunteer program here!

1. Shelter for girls and teen mothers - Quetzaltenango

This shelter is a government institution for young mothers and their children. This shelter is home to a varying amount of girls (between 30 and 80) and young children. Teenage mothers and their young infants can stay here, as well as teenage girls who have suffered from sexual abuse. The girls and mothers are all under 18 years old, and the children are aged approximately 0 to 5 years old.
More info and photos here

2. Elderly women - Quetzaltenango
This is a retirement home in Quetzaltenango where about 35 elderly women live permanently. The retirement home provides the women with several services, all free of charge, such as a place to live, meals, clothing, medical treatment and physiotherapy. But most of all, this is a place where the women have found their home, as some of them are abandoned by their family members.
More info and photos here

3. Textile - Quetzaltenango
This is a weaving cooperative, formed by over 400 indigenous women from the highlands. They became widows when their husbands died in the armed conflict, and had to sustain themselves. This cooperative provides them this opportunity by selling their woven products. The cooperative collects all the products and sells it in their shop or export them abroad, and the women receive the profit of their own products.
More info and photos here