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Nature and environment volunteering opportunities

Become a volunteer in Guatemala! But before signing up for one of these projects, please read everything about our volunteer program here!

1. Animal rescue center - Antigua
The principal activity of this NGO is the rescue and rehabilitation of domestic animals. They have over 300 dogs, about 100 cats and other animals on site, as well as a permanent on-site spay/neuter clinic.
More info and photos here

2. Reforestation - Quetzaltenango

This organization was named after the Brazilian environmentalist, who fought against deforestation. The NGO in Cantel also has this goal, and works in the rural area close to Quetzaltenango. It has its own cultivation project where they work hard for the reforestation of the hills and mountains around Quetzaltenango, because a lot of (illegal) logging takes place.
More info and photos here

3. Ecotourism / agriculture - (1,5 hour from) Quetzaltenango
This farm or finca is formed by 32 Mayan families, who fought together in the civil war as guerrillas, coming up for the Mayan people. After the war they achieved to obtain the ground for their farm, and they now form an entire community with two schools, a daycare centre, library, pharmacy and ecotourism project. But the coffee harvest makes up the main activity of this special community.
More info and photos here

4. Jungle rescue centre - Flores
This project close to Flores is an animal rescue centre. They have many different animals, most of them were confiscated after detecting them in illegal trafficking. At the rescue centre you can help to take care of the animals (exotic birds, monkeys, coatimundis, etcetera). There are also opportunities to take part in veterinary medical treatment, animal releases and wildlife surveys.
More info and photos here

5. Beach wildlife centre - Monterrico
There is another wildlife centre, located on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. In contrast with the centre in Flores, this centre is much more about extinction, reaching out to the five communities to help them develop sustainably, all as part of the broader effort of the management of the Hawaii Protected Area.
Activities for the volunteers include for example sea turtle conservation and research, cayman and iguana breeding, environmental education and community projects
More info and photos here