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Medical volunteering opportunities

Become a volunteer in Guatemala! But before signing up for one of these projects, please read everything about our volunteer program here!

1. Health care - Quetzaltenango

In Guatemala, there exists a network of public health services, free of charge. There are many smaller health clinics and health posts, where local inhabitants from the city or surrounding communities can obtain free health service. The health clinics only work with daily consults, they don´t receive overnight
More info and photos here

2. Emergency medicine and rescue volunteering - Quetzaltenango

Quetzaltenango, as second biggest city of Guatemala, only counts with volunteer firefighters. These firefighters are responsible to attend emergencies and fires in the city. Our volunteers would participate in the ambulance activities. They attend car accidents, injured people, general sickness.  
More info and photos here

3. Training centre for disabled - Quetzaltenango
This project serves children and young adults with audio-visual and multiple handicaps. They are nationally and internationally acknowledged as a training center and rely totally on donations and fundraising. The 3 training centers in Guatemala City, Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango teach the students how to live with their handicaps, teaching them different activities. They offer physical therapy, pre-primary school, primary school, technical vocation (workshops in making soap, candles, etc)., design (cardboard work), computer lessons, dancing/physics and psychology.
More info and photos here

4. Rehabilitation centre - Quetzaltenango
This is a foundation that believes in the physical recovery of individuals, offering rehabilitation to all people from the Guatemalan community. They offer physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, hydrotherapy and special education to children and adults.
Patients are disabled from for example car accidents, but also from birth with Down-syndrome or brain damage.
More info and photos here

5. Hospital - Quetzaltenango
This hospital is also part of the government health system, just as the clinics. It’s one of the largest hospitals in the country, and the population gets free health care here. For our volunteers, the volunteer opportunities are in the external departments.
More info and photos here

6. Disabled children, adults and elderly - Antigua
This is a humanitarian religious institution, offering social services to disabled, abandoned and elderly people, offering them a home and medical service. They have an average of 250-300 patients, divided in 9 areas, receiving specialized care, physical and psychological therapy. They also receive medication, clothes and meals, but above all, lots of love and care. There is also a special school for disabled children, and there is an external clinic for medical consultations for the population of limited resources.
More info and photos here


7. Village community center - Antigua
This is a social association, offering help to children and families with limited resources. The main center is in San Pedro, but they also serve other surrounding communities. There are several areas, among others medical clinics. They cover 16 communities, 5000 benefitted children and 18,000 benefitting community members. 
More info and photos here