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Education volunteering opportunities

1. Education - Quetzaltenango
For children in western countries, it is very normal to go to school every day. Unfortunately, in Guatemala the reality is different. Children often don´t go to school, and children´s rights are no priority here. Spanish speaking volunteers are needed at the local schools to help with English lessons (or anything else you can contribute) and personal coaching with life skills to improve the children´s outlook in live. The children are all primary school age.
More info and photos here

2. Special education - Antigua 
This is a school that provides special education needs and services to children who would otherwise have no opportunity for a healthy, happy and productive future. The kids have bright minds and great intelligence; they just learn differently or need specialized attention to grow and thrive. There are no government schools or educational program for children like this in the Guatemalan educational system. Where these children would otherwise be lost, they provide the education and love they need to succeed in life.
More info and photos here

3. Training centre for disabilities - Quetzaltenango
This project serves people with audio-visual and multiple handicaps. They are nationally and internationally acknowledged as a training centre and rely totally on donations and fundraising. The 3 training centers in Guatemala City, Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango teach the students how to live with their handicaps, teaching them different activities. They offer physical therapy, pre-primary school, primary school, technical vocation (workshops in making soap, candles, etc)., design (cardboard work), computer lessons, dancing/physics and psychology.
More info and photos here

4. Community centre for education - Quetzaltenango
This Community Center was founded in 2004 in order to address shortcomings in the Guatemalan national education system, particularly in Quetzaltenango and its surrounding communities. The centre is located on the outskirts of Quetzaltenango in a sector called Pacajá. It is a fully licensed non-profit organization funded by its Spanish language school. They are unique in that they require the individuals who choose to study with them to donate their time to volunteer in the low-income communities that they serve. The volunteers often take classes in the mornings and then get involved in the volunteer projects, the bulk of which involve helping out with our educational programs for children and adults.
More info and photos here

5. Education - Antigua
This NGO works towards building a better future for Guatemalan children where such work is needed most. They believe the keys to achieve such a goal are: education, empowering local communities and reaching self-sufficiency.
The school offers access to education to children from the most underprivileged families, who would not have such an opportunity otherwise.
More info and photos here

6. Wildlife centre - Monterrico
There is another wildlife centre, located on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. In contrast with the centre in Flores, this centre is much more about extinction, reaching out to the five communities to help them develop sustainably, all as part of the broader effort of the management of the Hawaii Protected Area.
Activities for the volunteers include for example sea turtle conservation and research, cayman and iguana breeding, environmental education and community projects.
More info and photos here