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Child care volunteering opportunities

Become a volunteer in Guatemala! But before signing up for one of these projects, please read everything about our volunteer program here!

1. Daycare - Quetzaltenango
This project is for parents of limited resources. It´s a daycare where the (single) parent can bring their child while they work. The kids receive pre-kinder lessons, behavior training and recreational time. The project foresees in breakfast, snack, lunch and snack. Parents only pay a symbolic amount of $13 per month. At the moment there are 15 kids registered, they have a capacity for 25 kids. All kids are between 3 months and 5 years old.
More info and photos here

2. After school program - Quetzaltenango
This project is active in the deprived neighborhood of Las Rosas where they support children and families who live in extreme poverty and personal disintegration. They partner directly with about 60 families, satisfying basic needs and providing educational opportunities. They run a kids lunchroom, and an afterschool program. From Monday to Thursday over 60 kids come to the project, all aged between 5 and 14 years old.
More info and photos here

3. Shelter for girls and teen mothers - Quetzaltenango
This shelter is a government institution for young mothers and their children. This shelter is home to a varying amount of girls (between 30 and 80) and young children. Teenage mothers and their young infants can stay here, as well as teenage girls who have suffered from sexual abuse. The girls and mothers are all under 18 years old, and the children are aged approximately 0 to 5 years old.
More info and photos here

4. Daycare - Antigua
This is a project supporting single mothers, widows, grandparents with children and problem families in the Jocotenango area, by taking care of their children. The project offers three basic needs; food, education and health. In education they help the children with homework reenforcement, they have a kindergarten for the small ones, and a library. The children receive meals at the project, and if necessary, they receive pediatric medical care. Workshops for the parents are also organized, how to raise their children and how to deal with problems.
More info and photos here