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Child care volunteering opportunities

1. Childcare 1 - Quetzaltenango
This is an organization active in the deprived area Las Rosas where they support children who work and live in extreme poverty and/or in risk to get on the streets. Also, they support the women and families in the same area, with extending of (financial) self-sustainability. They have several work areas:
- daycare (Mon-Fri)
- toddlers and kindergarten (Mon-Fri)
- afternoon recreation program for all children (Mon, Wed, Fri)
- project Way to Independence (for mothers)
- literacy course (for mothers)
More info and photos here

2. Mother-child centre - Quetzaltenango
This shelter is home to 60 mothers, girls and young children. The teenage mothers and their young infants can stay here, as well as teenage girls who have suffered from sexual abuse. The girls and mothers are all under 18 years old, and the children are aged approximately 0 to 5 years old.
More info and photos here

3. Children and community - Antigua
This is a social association, offering help to children with limited resources. The main center is in San Pedro, but they also have centers in San Antonio Aguas Calientes, San Miguel Dueñas and Santo Tomas Milpas Altas. There are several areas:
- health (medical clinic, dental clinic, medical missions, psychology, pharmacy and laboratory)
- living (construction of cement floors in houses)
- children´s education through sponsorships
- education in health and environment
- microcredit and finance
They cover 16 communities, 5000 benefitted children and 18,000 benefitting community members.
More info and photos here