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If you are traveling through Guatemala, you will have many impressions of this country’s beauty and different culture. Also, you can see that there exist big differences between “rich and poor” areas. In some areas, the poverty and underdevelopment are very obvious. Many national and international organizations have started all kinds of projects to stimulate these areas in its development.

As a traveler you can observe this, but it would be a very special and rewarding experience to participate in this development, and do something yourself! There are many projects in direct need of help, and there will always be an organization that suits your interests. If you have the time and motivation, you can become a volunteer in one of these organizations, and contribute directly to the development of a group of people, or an entire community!

We support the organizations

As a volunteer, you make a direct contribution in terms of a helping hand for the organization. Besides this, Do Guatemala also makes a contribution. Do Guatemala will make a donation to the volunteer project for every volunteer we receive. The donation will exist of a financial donation, or a donation in needed materials, which will be $30 of each volunteer´s registration fee.

The program

Volunteering means that you will be working for a certain organization of your interest, without any financial compensation. You help them with your effort and/or specific knowledge, they will give you an unforgettable experience back. You will be directly active with the people involved in the volunteer project, which makes it a very rewarding experience. There are organizations in any sector, you can work with children, youth, agriculture/animals, women’s rights, elderly people, or even in medical projects.

There are some important aspects you should know about volunteering through Do Guatemala:

- The minimum time you dedicate as a volunteer is 2 weeks. Some organizations can ask for more time. Most organizations ask you to be available for at least 3 mornings or afternoons per week.

- In order to communicate with the people involved in the project, we ask for a basic Spanish level at least. The higher your Spanish level, the better. Insecure about your Spanish? We can organise Spanish lessons for you for while your're here, or you could sign up for a free trial lesson with Learn Spanish Online

- Before starting your volunteer work, we recommend you to take Spanish classes for 1 to 3 weeks, depending on your current Spanish level. The lessons also help you to settle down in Guatemala a little before starting the volunteer job. You can take the lessons at any school of your choice, mentioned in our Language Class section.

- The volunteering intermediation is a free service which is included in your registration fee of $175. This does not include lodging, meals and transportation. Do Guatemala can assist you in finding suitable lodging.

For the $175 registration fee, Do Guatemala will arrange the following services for you as volunteer:

- Do Guatemala makes a personal selection of suitable organizations for you according to your wishes

- Do Guatemala reserves $30 to donate to the organization, together with the volunteer

- Do Guatemala maintains the contact with the selected organization

- Do Guatemala defines with the organization what your function will be

- Do Guatemala arranges that you will be accompanied to the organization on the first day by somebody from the organization

- Do Guatemala will provide you with a certificate of the work you have done (upon request)

According to your own interests and preferences, we are able to connect you with any organization that best fits with you. There are hundreds of organizations throughout Guatemala who are in need of volunteers.

There are also positions available for internships. We defined internships as long-term volunteering, when you stay with an organization or company for 3 months or more. In these positions, they often ask for an intermediate or advanced level of Spanish. If you have any specific questions or requirements, please contact us.