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Car and bus rent

For visitors in Guatemala who would like to have the disposal of a private vehicle, there is the possibility of renting a private bus or car. Having your own vehicle can be convenient, economic, fun and you can have more freedom during your trip. Foreigners are allowed to drive cars in Guatemala, and we offer you a reliable service. We have several different cars, like luxurious sedans and even 4 wheel drive vans. We can also assist you in creating your itinerary, or making reservations for hotels and/or guides.

If you are traveling in a group, you can rent a bus, including the diesel, driver and driver’s expenses (hotel nights and meals). We have buses from 8 to 29 passengers, all new and in excellent conditions. The drivers are professional and bilingual. The buses have insurance and a GPS system, and almost all buses have air conditioning. The buses are also available for trips to Mexico, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras.


If you need a customized transportation arrangement for your group, we can arrange your transportation in several ways. There are many different types of buses available, from normal cars to Pullman buses, so please contact us for a professional advice without any commitments. We have experience in working with large groups (more than 20 people), we would be happy to make your arrangements.

Please contact us for more information!