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Relax Trips

In this section you can find a selection of the most recommended tours and activities in Guatemala, some real must-sees! The page is divided in 4 sections: Adventure/Active Travel, Nature Lovers, Cultural Tours and Relax Trips. You can choose any combination of tours you like, and we will turn it into a personalized itinerary. This is only a selection, so if you have other suggestions or questions about available tours, please contact us, we will organize it for you.

Fuentes Georginas 

Making a trip to Fuentes Georginas is ideal to relax and enjoy nature. These are natural hot springs, of which the source was discovered after a volcanic eruption. Nowadays, Fuentes Georginas is a beautiful place with three different pools with hot volcanic water, each of a different temperature. The pools are set in a primary rainforest, where you can spot the local flora and fauna. The drive to the hot springs is already worth a visit; dramatic views, among others on the Santa Maria volcanoes.  

Dress rooms and a basic restaurant are also available. 

Leaving from: Quetzaltenango
Leaving at: 9:00AM and 2:00PM
Includes: transportation, entrance fee
Extra options: bike tours possible 

Monterrico Beach 

Guatemala’s best beaches are located on the Pacific Ocean, and one of those beaches is Monterrico. The Pacific coast is perfect for relaxation, as the black sand beaches extend for many miles. The Pacific is also known for its strong sea, the waves are big and the tight can be strong, so don’t swim too far out of the coastline. Monterrico also has two nature reserves, with among others mangroves and a turtle reserve, where you can see how the little turtles make their way to the ocean (only in the right season). 

As it is easy to find your way in Monterrico, we don’t offer pre-designed tours. What we do is arrange the trip according to your wishes, for example in public or private transportation in a tourist shuttle, and arrange suitable accommodation, Monterrico offers a variety in hotel options.

Leaving from: Antigua
Leaving at: 8:00AM from Antigua. Transportation back to Antigua at 4:00PM.
Includes: transportation round trip
Extra options: reservations for tours in nature reserves, accommodation arrangements, private transportation are available on request


Lake Atitlan 

Another gem in Guatemala’s landscape is Lake Atitlan, located in the department of Sololá. It is the kind of lake you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The lake was formed through a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. It is surrounded by three volcanoes, looking over the lake as guardians, which makes the scenery absolutely stunning. They say this lake is the deepest lake in Central America, but its depth never has been estimated exactly, as the bottom never was reached. Lake Atitlan has a nice climate, at an altitude of 1560 meters (5,118 ft) above sea level. 

The lake is surrounded by 12 indigenous villages, all unique in their cultural and tourism characteristics. Panajachel is the village with most facilities and (tourism) activity such as hotels and restaurants. 

1. Transportation (and/or accommodation) only. We will bring you to the biggest village on the shore of the lake; Panajachel, or to the accommodation we booked for you. From here, you can make your own plan, and book a return trip to any place in Guatemala. 

2. Choose your favorite tour(s): 

    a. Full day tour on Lake Atitlan  
We will visit several interesting villages, having a look at churches, markets, handicraft and coffee shops, and much more! The whole trip will be by boat, and includes the transportation, guide and entrance fees. 
Leaving from: Panajachel 
Leaving at: 8:00AM or 10:00AM from your hotel in Panajachel 
Extra options: also possible in private tour with (English speaking) guide 

b. Hike to San Pedro volcano 
See the adventure section. 

c. Horseback riding in San Pedro
The surroundings of the village San Pedro la Laguna are perfect for a day tour of horseback riding. The tour takes you through coffee plantations and leads along the shores of the lake. 
Leaving from: Panajachel (or other places on request) 
Leaving at: Any time 

d. Bike tour along the lake

See the adventure section.

e. Canopy / zipline tour
See Active Travel section.

f. Trek from Quetzaltenango to Lake Atitlan
Or vice versa (see Active Travel section for description)