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Nature Lovers

In this section you can find a selection of the most recommended tours and activities in Guatemala, some real must-sees! The page is divided in 4 sections: Adventure/Active Travel, Nature Lovers, Cultural Tours and Relax Trips. You can choose any combination of tours you like, and we will turn it into a personalized itinerary. This is only a selection, so if you have other suggestions or questions about available tours, please contact us, we will organize it for you.

Coffee farm – TNQ1


A great outdoor experience is visiting one of the many farms in the Quetzaltenango-area. Finca means farm/plantation in Spanish, and this finca mainly cultivates coffee, all organic! The finca is formed by 32 Guatemalan families, located in a subtropical area, about 1,5 hours from Quetzaltenango. The finca forms an entire community that´s self-sustaining. They have everything to produce the coffee, but also a school, church and library. 
On the finca you have a tour along all the projects, and also hikes through the plantation and tropical forest. There is even a waterfall where you can take a shower! Also, a community member can tell you everything about the compelling history of the finca, and their struggle for their piece of land. 
There are several possibilities, the most common one is a half-day tour from Quetzaltenango to the finca. We can also turn the visit into a full-day visit, or you can even stay for several days, as accommodation facilities are present at the finca.

Leaving from: Quetzaltenango
Leaving at: 7:00AM or 1:00PM
Includes: private transportation, local guide for the tour and hike, and a conference 
What to bring: camera, insect repellent, swim suite
Extras: Combinations can be made with the ruins of Takalik Abaj, or the IRTRA amusement and waterparks Xetulul and Xocomil. English speaking guide available for extra fee.
Minimum pax: 2
Price: $70 per person 

Bird watching – TNQ2

Quetzaltenango is one of the few areas in Guatemala where you can observe Guatemala´s national bird, the Quetzal. The surroundings of Quetzaltenango exist of rainforest, which is the perfect area for this bird. During this tour, you will be accompanied by a professional guide and birdwatcher, who can show you all the hidden details of the rainforest.

We will leave early from Xela, at 5:00AM to enjoy the forest in all its peace. We will arrive around 6:30AM at our location to have breakfast and take a tour through the forest. At 10:00AM we will return to Xela again.

Leaving from: Quetzaltenango
Leaving at: 5:00AM
Includes: breakfast, binoculars, guide (and birdwatcher), transportation, entrance fee
Minimum pax: 2 persons
Price: $60 per person 





Coffee Tour Antigua – TNA1

Coffee is an important product in Guatemala, and also in Antigua and surroundings, many coffee farms can be found.
This tour will take you to one of oldest, most prestigious and best established coffee farms in the country. The tour starts in Antigua, where you will wait for the finca´s truck, who will bring you to the farm. There you can enjoy a tour about the production of coffee, and follow all the steps from the coffee plant at the nursery, until the coffee in your cup. The tour ends with a nice coffee tasting session.

Leaving from Antigua, you will go in the special truck to the farm, located on approximately 5 kms from downtown Antigua. An English/Spanish speaking guide will guide the tour, which takes about 2 hours. The truck will you bring back to downtown Antigua afterwards.

Leaving from: Antigua
Leaving at 8:20AM, 10:20AM and 1:20AM from the established leaving point.
Includes: transportation, guide, coffee tasting
Minimum pax: 1
Price: $25 per person


From Antigua, Guatemala City, Coban or Flores 

Semuc Champey – TN2

Semuc Champey is by many traveleres named as far the most beautiful place in the country. Absolutely a must-see, located in central Guatemala, about 2 hours from Cobán. Semuc Champey is a natural wonder, existing of a naturally formed limestone bridge, where natural pools are formed on top. These all have a different exotic blue color, perfect to swim and relax. 

This hidden jewel offers something for everyone. If you want to relax, enjoy the pools. The adventurous travelers can hike up to the lookout point, or visit the Lanquin caves where an enormous population of bats can be admired, or go on an exciting trip to the Kan-Ba caves, where you swim your way through, only lightened by a candle in your hand. In the afternoon, you can relax a little more, tubing down the river, or see how the bats fly out of the cave, making a real spectacle. 
This tour can be done as a day trip from Cobán, but also as a 2 or 3 day travel package from any other destination in Guatemala. Contact us for the best option for you! 

From Antigua, Guatemala City, Coban or Flores 

7-altares-2Rio Dulce – TN3 

Rio Dulce (“Sweet River”) is a river in the Izabal department of Guatemala, running from Lake Izabal to the Caribbean. The river and its surrounding areas are known for its lush nature and narrow canyons. The amount of flora and fauna to observe is amazing, bird watching is a good activity and you can even hear the howler monkeys if you go early morning. 
The river starts in the village of Fronteras (better known as Rio Dulce), and exists of different parts. At the point where the lake converts into the river, close to Fronteras, you will find the castle of San Felipe de Lara, which served as a defending castle for pirates wanting to enter the lake from the Caribbean. Then going downstream, the first few miles close to Frontera exist of several small hotels and businesses. 
The last part, and considered as the most impressive part, the river meanders for about 10 km through a gorge, ending in the Caribbean Sea. On one side, there is the port of Puerto Barrios and Santo Tomás, where there is not much to see but here you could catch ground transportation or boats to Belize or Honduras. 
What’s more interesting, is the indigenous village Livingston. This is a Garifuna village, only reachable by boat and full of dark skinned local people, who are a mix of Carribean and west-African people. From Livingston, other interesting tours can be made. 

The Rio Dulce area is not something to visit in a few hours. Here you need to take your time, preferable 2 or 3 days at least, to discover all the hidden gems. These are the activities we can organize for you into a short travel package: 
- From Fronteras: 
      o Boat tour through Rio Dulce. From Fronteras to Livingston and return. 
      o A visit to the Castle of San Felipe de Lara 
      o A day trip to Finca Paraiso, a waterfall with hot water coming down in a cool water swimming area. Off the beaten track; short walking tour involved 
      o Hire a private boat and discover all hidden side rivers with its secrets

- From Livingston: 
      o A day trip to Playa Blanca, the only Caribbean beach with white sand

      o A day trip to Siete Altares. This is a river flowing into the Caribbean, which exists of 7 “steps” which all have their own well where you can take a swim. The last step is the deepest well, and sometimes (after rain) there is formed a cascade. The wells are known for their calm and turquoise waters, you can wade by foot the whole way through them, deep into the lush jungle forest.