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Walking trails around Nebaj and Todos Santos

Nebaj - Todos Santos

This is a special tour to visit the inlands of Guatemala. This area is called the Ixil triangle, where it feels you go back in time. The area is very inviting for beautiful walks through the area. You can choose any walk to include in your itinerary, or visit all 3 of them in 4 days.
Option 1 – From Nebaj
Today you make a hike/walk to the hamlet of Acul. This is a walk of apprx. 2,5 hours (4.5 kms). In Acul we make a stop at a cheese farm where they produce the famous Queso Acul. You can enjoy lunch there (not included), and then you´ll return walking to Nebaj.
Total trip duration: 5 hours. Distance: 9 kms. Difficulty: moderate
Option 2 – From Nebaj
Another walk for today, to the traditional village of Cocop. The walk there is very pretty with beautiful views. Cocop is a very traditional indigenous village that suffered heavily during the civil war. On the return trip, you also pass the hamlet Rio Azul, with natural ponds.
Total trip duration: 6 hours. Distance: 9 kms. Difficulty: intermediate
Option 3 – From Todos Santos
From Todos Santos you can make a beautiful hike to what´s called "La Torre" (the tower). This is the highest, non-volcanic point of Central America, and from here you have spectacular views on the whole volcano chain of Guatemala. The last part of the return trip to Todos Santos is done in public bus.
Total trip duration: 5 hours. Difficulty: difficult

Coffee tour - Antigua

Finca Antigua

Coffee is an important product in Guatemala, and also in Antigua and surroundings, many coffee farms can be found. This tour will take you one of oldest, most prestigious and best established coffee farms in the country. The tour starts in Antigua, where you will wait for the finca´s truck, who will bring you to the farm. There you can enjoy a tour about the production of coffee, and follow all the steps from the coffee plant at the nursery, until the coffee in your cup. The tour ends with a nice coffee tasting session.
Leaving from Antigua, you will go in the special truck to the farm, located on approximately 5 kms from downtown Antigua. An English/Spanish speaking guide will guide the tour, which takes about 2 hours. The truck will you bring back to downtown Antigua afterwards.

Where & when: Antigua, leaving at 8:20AM, 10:20AM and 1:20AM from Antigua.
Includes: transportation, guide, coffee tasting

Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey

For many Guatemala travelers, Semuc Champey is found to be the most beautiful place in the country. It´s one of the must-sees, located in central Guatemala, about 2 hours from Cobán. Semuc Champey is a natural wonder, existing of a naturally formed limestone bridge, where natural pools are formed on top. These all have a different exotic blue color, perfect to explore, swimming from one to the other.
You can take a full-day tour, exploring the surroundings of Semuc Champey. The tour includes of course the visit to the turkoois natural pools and the hike to the lookout point, but the tour also includes a visit to the Kan-Ba caves where you swim through caves with only a candle in your hand! And you end the tour tubing down the river to relax from all this adventure.
This tour can be done as a day trip from Lanquin or Cobán. We will take care of your transportation there, and the accommodation.

Where & when: from Lanquin or Coban, at 9:00am or 7:00am
Includes: transportation, guide, entrance fees.

Rio Dulce tours

Rio Dulce

Rio Dulce (“Sweet River”) is a river in the Izabal department of Guatemala, running from Lake Izabal to the Caribbean. The river and its surrounding areas are known for its lush nature and narrow canyons. The amount of flora and fauna to observe is amazing, bird watching is a good activity and you can even hear the howler monkeys if you go early morning.
The river starts in the village of Fronteras (better known as Rio Dulce), and exists of different parts. At the point where lake Izabal becomes the river Rio Dulce, close to the village, you will find the castle of San Felipe de Lara, which served as a defending castle for pirates wanting to enter the lake from the Caribbean. Then going downstream, the first few miles exist of several small hotels and businesses. The middle part, and considered as the most impressive part, the river meanders for about 10 km through a gorge, ending for the last part in the Caribbean Sea, at the indigenous village of Livingston. It´s only accessible by boat and home of the Garifuna people, who are a mix of Carribean and west-African people. From Livingston, other interesting tours can be made.
The Rio Dulce area is not something to visit in a few hours. Here you need to take your time, preferable 2 or 3 days at least, to discover all the hidden gems. These are the activities we can organize for you into a short travel package:
o Boat tour through Rio Dulce. From Rio Dulce village to Livingston and return.
o A visit to the Castle of San Felipe de Lara
o A day trip to Finca Paraiso, a waterfall with hot water coming down in a cool water swimming area. Off the beaten track; short walking tour involved
o Hire a private boat and discover all hidden side rivers with its secrets
- From Livingston:
o A day trip to Playa Blanca, the only Caribbean beach with white sand
o A day trip to Siete Altares. This is a river flowing into the Caribbean, which exists of 7 “steps” which all have their own natural pool that you wade through. The last step is the largest, where you can jump from a cascade.

Bird watching - Quetzaltenango

Bird watching

Quetzaltenango is one of the areas in Guatemala where you can observe Guatemala´s national bird, the Quetzal. The surroundings of Quetzaltenango exist of cloud forest, which is the perfect area for this bird. During this tour, you will be accompanied by a professional guide and birdwatcher, who can show you all the hidden details of the rainforest.
You leave early to enjoy the forest in all its peace. After arrival you hike through the forest with the local guide to spot the birds and other flora and fauna. You will return in Quetzaltenango around noon.

Where & when: Quetzaltenango, at 5:00am
Includes: transportation, local guide (and birdwatcher), entrance fee