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Cultural Tours

In this section you can find a selection of the most recommended tours and activities in Guatemala, some real must-sees! The page is divided in 4 sections: Adventure/Active Travel Tours, Nature Lovers Tours, Cultural Tours and Relax Trips Tours. You can choose any combination of tours you like, and we will turn it into a personalized itinerary. This is only a selection, so if you have other suggestions or questions about available tours in Guatemala, please contact us, we will organize it for you.

 Quetzaltenango City Tour – TCQ2

There are many things to know about Guatemala´s second biggest city. There are many important historical buildings, and your guide will explain you everything about their (former) function and history. There can be seen several styles of architecture, and we will take you to see all of it.

There are two ways to discover Quetzaltenango. There is a walking tour through the historical center (Tour A), where you can have a look from closeby at the buildings, and take the time to admire them. The second option is having a tour in the “Tranvia de los Altos”, a historical tram cart converted for tourist rides (Tour B). There is given a presentation about the buildings you pass, and the trip ends at the lookout point of El Baúl, with great views on the city.


Leaving from: Quetzaltenango 
Leaving at: Tour A: 9:00AM and 2.00PM. 
                  Tour B: 8:00AM and every 2 hours after.
Includes: local guide, entrance fees
Minimum pax: 2
Price: $30 per person

Indigenous villages around Quetzaltenango – TCQ3

Quetzaltenango is located in the Guatemalan highlands, where indigenous villages are spread through the landscape. This tour brings you to the most interesting villages, where it seems like time stood still.

In Cantel we visit the local glass blowing cooperative, where recycled glass is used for beautiful glass products. In Zunil we will take a walk along the main square, where we will take a look into the church, and visit a local weaving cooperative. Then we will drive into the mountains, where you can take a rest at Fuentes Georginas, the volcanic hot springs. We finish the trip in Almolonga, a famous agricultural village, where you can see many local crops. Many of this is used for (inter)national exportation.

Leaving from: Quetzaltenango
Leaving at: 8:00AM or 2:00PM
Includes: transportation, guide, entrance fees
Extras: make your trip a full-day visit, with adding a Colonial Churches tour
Minimum: 2
Price: $45 per person


Cultural walking tour Antigua – TCA1

Antigua GuatemalaAntigua is a beautiful colonial city with a quite unique character in Guatemala. The European colonial influences give the city a picturesque style, and many old 
buildings and ruins are well kept and managed. Antigua also has many buildings which were of great importance in history, as Antigua was the ancient capital of Guatemala.

We start our walk on the central square of Antigua, where we will get to know the history and function of its surrounding buildings, and enjoy the view from above on the square.  Another must see in Antigua is Convent  Las Capuchinas, a former cloister and one of the best remained buildings from ancient times. The tour will also take you to cathedrals, and a jade museum, where you can observe how this stone was used in the Mayan times, and nowadays. The entire trip takes about 3 hours.
Leaving from: Antigua
Leaving at: 8:30AM or 2:00PM
Includes: guide, entrance fees
Extras: also available as full day tour, including more interesting sites and time to visit them. Price: $50
Minimum pax: 2
: $30 per person


Antigua surrounding villages – TCA2

Antigua is located in a fertile valley with interesting surroundings. In this half day tour, you will visit the village of San Juan el Obispo, where we can take a look inside of the monastery of the first bishop in Guatemala, Francisco Marroquin.  Then we continue to some other small villages where you can see the daily life in the sense of their weavings, ancient churches and great views.

We start our tour in Antigua, from where we will take you to the surrounding villages. We will end the trip in Antigua, where we return about 4 hours later.

Leaving from: Antigua
Leaving at: 8:00AM or 2:00PM
Includes: transportation, guide, entrance fees
Minimum pax: 2
Price: $50 per person


Chichicastenango market – TCQ1

Chichicastenango is an indigenous town, hidden in the Guatemalan highlands, in the department of el Quiché. In the first place, it is known for its handicraft market, where vendors from the entire region come to sell their unique handmade merchandise. But Chichicastenango also is putting itself on the map as a spiritual destination. It is very interesting to observe the Mayan culture by visiting one of the Mayan altars where rituals take place, and how this religion goes hand in hand with the Catholic religion, which can be seen in the church just besides the market. Sometimes processions walk through the narrow streets, an impressive happening.

Altogether, a visit to Chichicastenango is a full day excursion, with the perfect mix between taking in the spirituality of intersecting ethnic groups, and a visit to the biggest handicraft market in Guatemala. 

We will be leaving from Quetzaltenango at 7:00AM, to arrive in Chichicastenango around 9:30AM. During the day, we will visit the market, the church, a Mayan altar, and some other interesting sites. In the afternoon we return to Xela, where we arrive around 6:00PM.

Leaving from: Quetzaltenango / Antigua / Panajachel
Leaving at: 7:00AM / 7:00AM / 8:00AM
Includes: transportation round trip
Note: only available on Thursdays and Sundays (market days)
Minimum pax: 2
Price: $60 / $50 / $30 per person