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City Tour Quetzaltenango

City tour Xela

There are many things to know about Guatemala´s second biggest city. There are many important historical buildings, and your guide will explain you everything about their (former) function and history. There can be seen several styles of architecture, and we will take you to see all of it.
There are two ways to discover Quetzaltenango. There is a walking tour through the historical center (Tour A), where you can have a look from close by at the buildings, and take the time to admire them. The second option is having a tour in the “Tranvia de los Altos”, a historical tram cart converted for tourist rides (Tour B). There is given a presentation (in Spanish) about the buildings you pass, and breaks to take photos and visit some buildings.

Where & when: in Quetzaltenango, at 9:00am
Includes: guide, entrance fees

Indigenous villages - Quetzaltenango

Villages - Xela

Quetzaltenango is located in the Guatemalan highlands, where indigenous villages are spread through the landscape. This tour brings you to the most interesting villages, where it seems like time stood still.
In Cantel you visit the local glass blowing cooperative, where recycled glass is used for beautiful glass products (limited opening hours). In Zunil you will take a walk along the main square, where you will take a look into the church, and visit a local weaving cooperative. You also visit Almolonga, a famous agricultural village, where you can how big amounts of crops are grown. Many of this is used for (inter)national exportation.
Then you will drive into the mountains, where you can take a hot sulfur bath at Fuentes Georginas, the volcanic hot springs.

Where & when: from Quetzaltenango at 8:30am (back at 1pm)
Includes: transportation, guide, entrance fees
Extras: make your trip a full-day visit or include colonial churches

City tour - Antigua

City tour Antigua

Antigua is a beautiful colonial city with a quite unique character in Guatemala. The European colonial influences give the city a picturesque style, and many old buildings and ruins are well kept and managed. Antigua also has many buildings which were of great importance in history, as Antigua was the ancient capital of Guatemala.
We start our walk on the central square of Antigua, where we will get to know the history and function of its surrounding buildings, and enjoy the view from above on the square. Another must see in Antigua is Convent Las Capuchinas, a former cloister and one of the best remained buildings from ancient times. The tour will also take you to cathedrals, and a jade museum, where you can observe how this stone was used in the Mayan times, and nowadays. The entire trip takes about 3 hours.

Where & when: from Antigua at 9:00am or 2:00pm
Includes: guide, entrance fees

Chichicastenango market


Chichicastenango is an indigenous town, hidden in the Guatemalan highlands, in the department of el Quiché. In the first place, it is known for its handicraft market, where vendors from the entire region come to sell their unique handmade merchandise. But Chichicastenango also is putting itself on the map as a spiritual destination. It is very interesting to observe the Mayan culture by visiting one of the Mayan altars where rituals take place, and how this religion goes hand in hand with the Catholic religion, which can be seen in the church just besides the market. It makes the perfect mix between taking in the spirituality of intersecting ethnic groups, and a visit to the biggest handicraft market in Guatemala.
You are picked up at your hotel, to arrive in Chichicastenango around 9:30AM. There you have the opportunity to visit the market for a couple of hours. After lunch you return to your hotel.

Where & when: from Antigua, Panajachel or Quetzaltenango at 8:00am
Includes: transportation round trip
Note: only available on Thursdays and Sundays (market days)
Extras: we can arrange a guided tour to visit the other sites of interest in Chichicastenango.

Cultural day Lake Atitlan

Cultural day Atitlan

The community of San Juan la Laguna is very involved in community tourism. If you want to witness the real local culture of Lake Atitlan, participate in this cultural day! We offer several workshops that you can participate in. Options are for example:
- weaving a scarf with a Mayan woman that has learnt weaving from her ancestors
- hiking an ancient trail, listening to legends and stories and end up with a great view over the lake
- go fishing in artesan´s fisherboat
- learn about coffee and the whole process from seed to cup at a local cooperative
- learn about medicinal plants
The cultural day includes a tour through the village and its famous murals, and lunch at a local family is included as well.

Where & when: starting in San Juan la Laguna at 9:00am
Includes: local guide, workshop, lunch
Extras: we can add transportation in a private boat from other villages at Atitlan, or with land transportation from other destinations.

Atitlan Village Boat Tour

Atitlan village tour

Today you´ll discover beautiful lake Atitlan. We organize a boat tour for you along the lake, visiting 3 indigenous villages on the shores of the lake. Each village is unique, and the best way to enjoy the panoramic views on the lake is from the water!
The tour usually starts from Panajachel, where you´re picked up at your hotel and brought to the dock. By boat you visit San Juan la Laguna, a Tzutujil village with a rich traditional culture practicing crafts. In San Pedro you visit the church and you can see the many art galleries and paint workshops. Finally you go to Santiago Atitlan where you can still see men with the typical Mayan dress, and where you can buy souvenirs.

Where & when: starting in Panajachel at 9:00am
Includes: boat, guide.
Extras: Choose for a half-day or full-day tour. Request an English-speaking guide.