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Adventure & Active

In this section you can find a selection of the most recommended tours and activities in Guatemala, some real must-sees! The page is divided in 5 sections: Adventure/Active Tours, Nature Lovers Tours, Archeological Sites, Cultural Tours and Relax Trips. You can choose any combination of tours you like, and we will turn it into a personalized itinerary. This is only a selection, so if you have other suggestions or questions about available tours in Guatemala, please contact us, we will organize it for you.

Horseback riding Quetzaltenango – TAQ1

horseback xelaThe perfect way to discover the beautiful countryside of Quetzaltenango and its surroundings, is from a horseback. Enjoy the majestic views of the entire Quetzaltenango valley and its neighboring volcano Santa Maria, the corn fields and small indigenous villages. 

From Quetzaltenango, we go to the village of La Esperanza, where the tour with the horses starts. The tour takes about 1,5 hour, and afterwards you will be brought back to Quetzaltenango. The tour is lead by a very experienced guide, the owner of the horses. On request, an English speaking guide can join the tour too. The horses are used to inexperienced riders too, so either beginners or advanced riders can join the tour.

Leaving from: Quetzaltenango
Leaving at: any time between 8:00AM and 2:00PM
Includes: Transportation return trip, local guide
What to bring: Water, camera, comfortable pants and shoes (no flip flops or sandals)
Minimum pax: 2
Price: $30 per person

Volcano Santa Maria Quetzaltenango – TAQ2

santa mariaThe Santa Maria volcano is a perfect shaped volcano, located close to the city of Quetzaltenango. Climbing this giant is a challenge, but it will definitely be worth it! From the top, you will have an unforgettable view on the volcanoes of Antigua, Lake Atitlan, volcano Tajamulco, and on clear days, even Tacaná in the frontier of Mexico can be seen!
And the best of all; on the side of Santa Maria lies the active volcano Santiaguito. This volcano erupts about every 45 minutes with a huge cloud of ash and steam. From the top of the Santa Maria volcano, you have a perfect view on Santiaguitos crater below and its eruptions.

For this hike, it is recommended to leave early morning. At this time, you will have the best views. From Quetzaltenango we depart to the indigenous village of Llanos del Pinal, where the hike starts. The climb to the summit takes about 4 hours. This is a difficult hike, so you need to be fit for this one. Experience is not required. On the top we will enjoy the views, and take a 3-hour walk back down. 

Leaving from: Quetzaltenango
Leaving at: 5:00AM (leaving at 11.45PM for the full moon hikes)
Difficulty: Difficult
Altitude: 3772 m / 12,375 ft above sealevel
Includes: transportation round trip, guide.
What to bring: good hiking shoes, 2 liters of water, snacks, camera, sun screen, hat, sun glasses
Extra options: Full Moon hike (at night)
Minimum pax: 2
Price: $40 per person

Lookout point volcano Santiaguito – TAQ3
santiaguitoThe Santiaguito volcano was created after an eruption of the Santa Maria volcano in 1922, and its crater lies about a mile beneath the Santa Maria summit. The Santiaguito volcano is active ever since, having eruptions of ash, steam and lava about every 45 minutes. We will take you to a lookout point, which lies about halfway up the Santa Maria volcano, which is a 2-hour walk.  From there you will have a safe but very unique experience of watching these eruptions from a quite close distance. A real adventure!

Leaving Quetzaltenango early morning, we will take you to the village Llanos del Pinal, where our hike starts. We will reach 
our  lookout point about 2 hours later, where we can observe the volcanic activity for about an hour. Then we will walk about an 
hour to return to the starting point, from where we will bring you to Quetzaltenango again.

Leaving from: Quetzaltenango
Leaving at: 5:00AM 
Difficulty: Easy - Moderate
Altitude: 2,500m
Includes: Transportation round trip, guide.
What to bring: good hiking shoes, 2 liters of water, snacks, camera, sun screen, hat, sun glasses
Minimum pax: 2
Price: $35 per person

Volcano Tajumulco – TAQ4

Volcano Tajamulco is the highest volcano in Guatemala and Central America. It has two peaks, the highest on 4,220 meters (13,845 ft), and the second one on 4,100 meters (13,451 ft).  The volcano is not active, and can be climbed in a 2-day trip from the city of Quetzaltenango.

The volcano is located in the department of San Marcos, close to the Mexican border. From the summit, Tajumulco offers breathtaking views on the Cuchumatanes mountain chain, including all volcanoes and mountains from Mexico, throughout Guatemala.  The trip goes mainly through the fields and pinewoods, where we will also have our base camp to spend the night.

On the first day, we meet early morning before departure to prepare the equipment. We leave for the village of Crucero Tajumulco, where we start the hike around 10:30AM. We start through cornfields, but also pass rocky trails and woody areas. On the way we will stop for lunch, and arrive at our base camp around 4:30PM. After arrival, we will climb to the summit to see the sunset. Returning at the base camp, dinner will be served and you can rest for an early morning.

Day two starts at 5:00AM, when we will hike to the summit again, this time for an amazing sunrise, with unforgettable views. Then we will go back to base camp to pack the equipment, and make the return trip to Quetzaltenango, where we arrive around noon.

Leaving from: Quetzaltenango
Leaving at: 5:00AM 
Difficulty: Difficult (because of equipment)
Altitude: 4,220 m / 13,845 ft above sea level
Includes: transportation, guide, equipment, meals.
What to bring: warm clothes (hat, gloves, etc.), good hiking shoes, 2 liters of water, snacks, camera, sun screen, sun glasses
Extra options:  1 day excursion (moderate level, no heavy equipment)
Price: $85 per person

Volcano Laguna de Chicabal – TAQ5

If you are interested in an intermediate hike with a cultural and spiritual touch, then volcano Laguna de Chicabal is the perfect choice for you. The volcano is located on 45 minutes from Quetzaltenango, in an indigenous area, where the local inhabitants mainly speak their indigenous language Mam. Laguna de Chicabal is considered as a very sacred and spiritually important place, where Mayan priests perform traditional ceremonies on the shore of the crater lake. The volcano is also known for its natural beauty, especially the moment when the afternoon fog  comes into the crater area.

We depart from Quetzaltenango around 6:00AM, and we go by bus to San Martin Sacatepequez, where our hike starts. The first part, which takes around 2,5 hours, brings us to the shore of the crater lake. On the way you will learn about the local flora and fauna. The last part we have to descend stairs to get there. 
We will enjoy the nature and calmness for about an hour, and walk back in about another hour. We will be back in Quetzaltenango around 1:00PM.

Leaving from: Quetzaltenango
Leaving at: 6:00AM 
Difficulty: Intermediate
Altitude: 2,712 m / 8,898 ft above sealevel
Includes: transportation round trip, entrance fee, guide.
What to bring: good hiking shoes, 2 liters of water, snacks, camera, sun screen, hat, sun glasses 
Minimum pax: 2
Price: $40 per person

Trek from Quetzaltenango to Lake Atitlan – TAQ6

This a three day trek, walking from Quetzaltenango to San Pedro la Laguna on Lake Atitlán, the most beautiful lake in Guatemala. This is a great opportunity if you want to off the beaten track and into Guatemala’s nature, enjoying scenic views on the way.

We offer you a unique experience with excellent bilingual guides, and with the opportunity to spend the night with an indigenous family. 
Your luggage can be brought to Panajachel or San Pedro. 

On day one, we first leave for Cantel, where the hike starts. We start with an ascent to the highest point of the hike, at an altitude of almost 3000 meters / almost 10,000 feet. From there, we will walk through a beautiful landscape, varying in ascends and descents. We spend the night with a local indigenous family.
Day two is the hardest day of the journey. We will hike a quite difficult trail which leads us to the Nahualateriver, at an altitude of 1400 m / 4593 ft.  There are some steep and slippery parts. The destination for today is Santa Clara la Laguna, where we will spend the night with a local indigenous family again.

On day three, we start with watching the sunrise from a viewpoint with breathtaking views over the lake and its surroundings. Then we start the descent to reach Lake Atitlan, where we will have the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear water. The trip ends in San Pedro la Laguna. Arrival will be around noon.  

Leaving from: Quetzaltenango
Leaving at 6:00AM on day one, arrival around noon on day three.
Difficulty: Intermediate (the trip becomes heavy at some points, and you need to carry a backpack) 
Altitude: varying
Includes: 6 meals, purified water, sleeping bags, mattresses, tents, transportation to the starting point, guide(s), entrance fee. 
What to bring: a backpack of at least 50+10 liters, suitable clothing, extra socks, towel, sun block, insect repellent, camera (with batteries and memory), hat or cap for the sun, rain or wind jacket, 
snacks, flashlight.
Minimum pax: 4
Price: $100 per person

Note: also possible to start at Lake Atitlan (San Juan La Laguna), ending up at Fuentes Georginas for a relaxing hot sulfur bath, with transportation to Quetzaltenango. Price: $100


Volcano Pacaya - TAA1

Climbing the Pacaya volcano is one of the best experiences you can get in Guatemala. Pacaya is one of the three active volcanoes in Guatemala, and the most suitable one to climb. Once reached the foot of the crater, you can see several surrounding volcanoes such as Agua, Fuego and Acatenango, and with clear weather even the volcanoes of Lake Atitlan and Quetzaltenango. As the volcano is active, you constantly feel the heat, and smell the sulfur, coming through the porous lava stone.  Some spots are so warm, you can even toast your own marshmallows or sausages! The lucky ones can even see lava.

The tour leaves from Antigua in the morning or afternoon, and the hike starts in the village of San Vicente Pacaya, a 45-minute drive. From there, we hike up for about 2,5 hours through forest, with beautiful views on the volcano and the Guatemala City urban area. Once arrived at the summit area, the tour leads us closer to the crater, where you can admire the volcanic activity.

Tour leaving from: Antigua
Leaving at 6:00 or 14:00
Difficulty: Intermediate
Altitude: 2550 m / 8366 ft above sea level
Includes: transportation round trip, guide (Spanish speaking). Not included: entrance fee (Q50 pp)
What to bring: good hiking shoes, water, camera, wind or rain jacket.
Extras: going up by horse which can be rented at the starting point for an extra fee. English speaking guide can be booked extra.
Minimum pax: 2
Price: $20 per person


Canopy/zip lining along Lake Atitlan – TAP1

If you want to enjoy the most spectacular view on Lake Atitlan, flying along 8 different zip lines, then this is a must-do for you! Just outside of Panajachel you can find the nature reserve, including this adventure where the adrenaline will flow! The flights take you over the nature reserve with its canyons, waterfalls and forests, both enjoying the hikes through the reserve, as the amazing panoramic views over the lake. Safety and attention to clients are taken very serious, and the guides are very experienced. The longest zip line has a length of 320 meters, and the maximum altitude is 60 meters. The tour includes an instruction, and a certificate at the end. This all makes this trip unforgettable!

Leaving from: Panajachel or other villages around the lake
Leaving at: 8:30 / 10:30 / 12:30 / 14:30
Minimum: no minimum
Tour duration: appr. 2 hours 

What to bring: camera, insect repellent
Includes: Entrance fee, instruction, 8 ziplines, certificate
Note: Age restrictions. Entrance fee also valid for the nature reserve with butterfly preserve, monkey enclosure, nature trails, private beach and lodging options.
Price: $50 per person for "Cables Extremos", the standard tour of 8 cables, with the longest one of 320 meters.
         $65 per person for "Ultra X-tremos", the new tour of 7 cables, the longest of 820 meters.  

Other canopy tours also possible in Quetzaltenango and Flores.

Bike tour along Lake Atitlan – TAP2

bike pana

Lake Atitlan might be the perfect destination for bike tours. The climate is pleasant, the roads are in quite good conditions, and of course, the panoramic views on Lake Atitlan always in sight! For these bike tours we work with mountainbikes with several accelarations, so that´s very enjoyable when the road goes uphill. The villages where we go are indigenous, and definately worth a visit with their colorful indigenous people, market places and buildings. 

This half day bike tour goes from Panajachel to Santa Catarina and San Antonio, two indigenous villages of the Kaqchikel Mayans, along the shore of Lake Atitlan. The ride is not very difficult, although it goes up and down a bit. The best point is halfway the trip to Santa Catarina, where you reach a lookout point with an awesome view on the lake on top of a hill, and below some cliffs of 30 meters high. 

Leaving from: Panajachel
Leaving at: 8:00AM or 2:00PM (5 hours)
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Includes: bikes, helmets, guide. 
Minimum pax: 2
Price: $65 per person

San Pedro Volcano – TAP3

This volcano is located on the shore of Lake Atitlan, and one of the most climbed volcanoes in the region. The volcano area is considered as a national park, and the hike takes you through coffee and avocado plantation and pine forest. The volcano has a perfectly shaped cone, which makes it quite easy to make your way, although the way up is quite steep. The view from the top is unique of course, with a breathtaking view on Lake Atitlan and its surrounding villages.

The hike starts in Panajachel, where we take a boat to the village of San Pedro. From there, we continue in taxi to the skirts of the volcano to start walking. We will walk up for about 3 hours, enjoy the view, and descent in about 2 hours.

Leaving from: Panajachel
Leaving at 7:00AM 
Difficulty: Difficult
Altitude: 3020 m / 9908 ft above sea level
Includes: transportation round trip, guide, entrance fee
What to bring: good hiking shoes, water, camera, wind or rain jacket.
Minimum pax: 2 persons
Price: $65 per person