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If you would like to make a booking with Do Guatemala, you can send us the inquiry/reservation form. We will contact you, and define an itinerary with you, including the cost for the trip. If you want to confirm the itinerary, you can make your payment through the following methods:

1. Wire transaction to US bank account
For our clients in the US and other countries, there is the opportunity to make a wire transfer or a deposit to our bank accout located in the USA. We have an account with Bank of America. 

2. Online payment through Paypal
Your payment can also be accepted through Paypal. You can login to your existing Paypal account, or create one and link it to your debit/credit card for free. You can use this link (paypal.me/doguatemala) or click on the Buy Now button below to start the payment process. On your itinerary, there is mentioned a final amount. This includes the small fee for the Paypal payment. You insert the exact amount in US dollars yourself in the box on the left, and continue your payment.


3. Direct transaction to Dutch bank account in Euros
For our clients in the Netherlands and Europe, there is a very convenient payment method. The payment can be done directly to a Dutch bank account by an internet transaction. This does not have an extra fee. For account details, please contact us.

4. Direct payment to Guatemalan Banco Industrial account
Another option to pay is by using our Guatemalan bank account. This can be done by an (international) transaction, or by a deposit made in Guatemala. There are no extra costs for a local deposit in cash, but for an international transaction, transaction fees apply. Contact us for the account details.


After receiving the payment successfully, we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm that the payment is received, and we will send you all the necessary documents and information to prepare your trip.