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DELE Preparation & Exam


When you have knowledge of a language, it is good to have an internationally acknowledged diploma, to show your proficiency skills. If you are interested in such diploma for the Spanish language, you might want to participate in the DELE exam.
DELE means “Diploma for Spanish as a Foreign Language”. These diplomas are issued by the Cervantes Institute in Spain, in cooperation with the national government and the University of Salamanca. These diplomas are acknowledged internationally in many institutions, educational institutions and companies who relate with the Spanish language.
The DELE exam comes in 6 levels, according to the European Reference Frame: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 (Beginner to Superior level). The exams are held in Cervantes Examination Centers all over the world, but in Guatemala, the only two examination schools are in Quetzaltenango and Antigua.

Do Guatemala can assist you in the registration process.

The exam dates for 2019 are:
- February 8th – registrations closed already
- April 5th – registrations closed already
- May 25th (all levels) - registrations close on March 27th
- July 12th (levels A2, B1, B2, C1) - registrations close on May 16th
- September 13th (level A2) – registrations close on July 24th
- October 4th (levels A2, B1, B2) – registrations close on August 21st
- November 23rd (all levels) – registrations close on October 9th

It might be useful to take a specific preparation course, as an introduction to the exam contents and requirements. These courses are offered by specialized teachers, who dispose of all the official materials, books and example exams to work with in the preparation course. The courses are given by teachers who are trained and familiar with the DELE material.

Contact us for the current fees of preparation courses and exams, or for more information.