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Language Lessons

Study Spanish in Guatemala! A language course is a nice and interactive way to learn the Spanish language.

Learning some Spanish before traveling to Guatemala will let you have a better experience! You can take a short beginners course to learn practical things like asking directions, telling something about yourself and asking the bill in the restaurant.
Or take your knowledge to a next level, and get really immersed in the language and culture! You will be able to understand the beautiful anecdotes of a local guide, make Guatemalan friends, or communicate without any misunderstandings with your host family!

Classes & Courses

Do Guatemala offers different ways to learn Spanish. Check out our different programs here!

Spanish Immersion Course
Mayan Languages
DELE Preparation & Exam
Learn Spanish Online


In combination with Spanish classes, you can immerse even more into the Spanish language by living with one of our host families. Click the link to read more about home stays or hotel reservations in Guatemala.