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Customer reviews



Read the experiences of those who travelled with Do Guatemala!

 (sorted from most recent to oldest reviews)

Ingeborg – the Netherlands
January 2019
Traveling with partner and 18-month year old daughter
3 weeks through Guatemala

For the second time we made a trip to Guatemala that was organized by Do Guatemala. Once again it was organized very well. It´s very nice you can give your input and opinion when the trip is designed, you can give your ideas about the route and hotels. It was arranged very well, which made the traveling very pleasant and relaxing. Even when we had trouble with the ATM´s in Guatemala, they were there to help us. I would for sure recommend them!

Katherine – USA
November 2018
Volunteering at the health clinic
Quetzaltenango 3 weeks

Petra was amazing. She organized a 3 week medical rotation for me and worked with my school to make sure requirements were met. She was very organized and timely. She went above and beyond to make sure I had what I needed and was getting the medical experience I wanted. She was great about helping me plan weekend trips as well. Just tell her what you need and she'll make it happen! Highly recommended.

Paulien – the Netherlands
October 2018
Volunteering at the after-school program
Quetzaltenango, 5 weeks

I had been in xela for 5 weeks and had a incredible time. Petra arranged the transport and first nights of my trip, which was all very good. The homestay were i slept really felt like a second home. The familiy Guttierez are really friendly! In the morning i took some spanish lessons with my teacher Karina, she is such a good teacher. I have made a lot of progress in a short time. I can defintetly recommend the organisation Do-guatemala to anyone who wants to come to Guatemala! The organization also helps you to get in contact with other volunteers, which is really nice!

Sarah – United Kingdom
June 2018
Volunteering at the after-school program
Quetzaltenango, 2 weeks

I travelled to Guatemala in June and had the most amazing time! Petra, the co-ordinator of Do Guatemala, was very helpful throughout my stay, she arranged transport from the airport to Xela, provided maps of the area and gave lots of tips for where to go/not to go, amongst other things. I took lessons in the morning with Karina, who was great at developing my Spanish quickly and effectively. The volunteering was challenging, but rewarding and I was accompanied by Petra on the first day to help with the buses and getting to know the other staff.
I would definitely recommend using this company based on my experience and can't wait to come back!

Ellen – the Netherlands
August 2018
Traveling with family
3 weeks through Guatemala and Belize

We have traveled 3 weeks through Guatemala and Belize, we made some or our arrangements ourselves, but all the transportation, multiple excursions and a homestay in Quetzaltenango was arranged by Do Guatemala. This was all perfectly fine, and it was great to get advice from Guatemala about all kinds of things concerning our trip in Guatemala. Our homestay was really a highlight for us. Petra responds emails fast and appropriate, and really helped us greatly.

Guus – the Netherlands
April 2018
Traveling with friends
3 weeks through Guatemala

In April we travelled with a group of 10 people through Guatemala and Belize. Petra from Do Guatemala helped us tremendously. She arranged our private driver (fluent in English), a guide in Antigua, 2 (amazing) chefs who prepared a 5-course dinner and entrance tickets for Tikal so we did not have to stand in line. Throughout the planning of our trip she offered some good advice and was always very helpful.


Victoria – USA
June – July 2017
Volunteering at health clinic
Quetzaltenango, 4 weeks

During my volunteer experience, each of the four weeks I rotated to a new area of the clinic. I worked in Physical Therapy (did ultrasound electrical stimulation, massages, etc), Vaccinations (I got to vaccinate people! ), Gynecology (saw a lot!) and some other areas where I got to observe many consults and procedures. The first day I was not expecting to walk in such a crowded place with so many women and little children. That was a bit shocking but the staff was all great.
The host family was amazing, they prepared great food. They were very accommodating to my likes/dislikes and needs, and the stay was very comfortable.
Keep up the good work Do Guatemala!

Maria – Germany
March 2017
Volunteering in girls shelter
Quetzaltenango, 3 weeks

I´m really glad I decided to go Guatemala, because I was spontaneous and I didn´t overthink it much. But there is no reason at all to worry! I had a great time here. Xela is beautiful and I loved the time in the shelter.
There were days in the shelter that were very exhausting with much work. But I liked those stressful days most. I liked the work in the shelter, especially because I learnt new things, which I never did before, like changing diapers or feeding baby´s. I also loved just playing with them. I can just say that it would have been better to stay longer, because now I´m getting used to all things and learned how it works in the shelter.
About Do Guatemala, I think it´s really worth it to spend some more money for the organization of your trip than doing it all by yourself. You don´t have to worry about anything and there is always someone you can talk to. Petra is very committed. Thank you for organizing this trip!
Some tips; before going to Xela, check the weather. Don´t take just dresses with you! 
The host family was my favorite part of the trip. I stayed in homestays before, but never like this family! The food was delicious, she explained the typical Guatemalan food, and was always asking what I want for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I really loved the food. They all took the time to understand my Spanish. It was much more than just eating and sleeping. I often was sitting in the kitchen after dinner, telling about my day or listen to their days. We nearly talked about every kind of topic and I really enjoyed spending time with them. I feel like we really belong to this family. They´re really one of the loveliest people I´ve ever met!

Nicky – the Netherlands
February-March 2017
Volunteering in the zoo
Quetzaltenango, 4 weeks

I really liked my volunteer experience. At the zoo we prepared food for the animals, we created toys for the animals, and I helped the veterinary.
Something I found difficult to see is that there is not enough money to improve the animal areas.
The DO Guatemala support was good, the contact person was easy to reach and helped with everything I needed. Also, the host family was really good, and very nice people. I had the room for myself! And Google Translate helped me when I didn´t understand them 
A final tip; go to Tikal. The place was just perfect.

August – Belgium
February 2017
Volunteering in the zoo and the child center
Quetzaltenango, 16 weeks

I loved volunteering in Xela. It´s a great way to get in touch with the locals and really experiencing life in general in Guatemala.
The support of Do Guatemala was great. With any questions I could easily go there and get constructive help. I think it´s a good way to get started and the guidance is ideal for non-Spanish speakers.
I also took Spanish lessons through Do Guatemala with a private teacher. The location is nice, it creates a more “friendly” atmosphere and you get rid of the awkward teacher-student relation. I learned a lot of Spanish in a few days.

Tanja – Germany
December 2016
Volunteering in the girls shelter
Quetzaltenango, 2 weeks

The time with the babies and children was amazing, because they are very open and have no expectations. They are always happy when somebody is playing with them or gives them attention, while the moms have their lessons.
The support from Do Guatemala was the best service I´ve ever had while traveling around the world. Especially the introduction on the first day was very helpful. The staff is very helpful, especially when I was sick, they were very caring and organized everything for me (coming to my house immediately and buying medicine). They also showed me the way everything I went to a new place (the shelter, Spanish lessons, etc).
Xela is much more typical and authentic than Antigua. Think about what is important for you. I liked Xela much more, but that might not be the case for everyone.
My favorite memory is the people in Xela! For example when I got dizzy in the pharmacy, 4(!) people helped me (and they went out of business for 1,5 hour). Everybody greets you, everybody smiles, everybody is helpful.

Monika – Germany
November 2016
Volunteering at community center
Antigua, 3 weeks

I have worked in the community center near Antigua. It supports surrounding villages with offers on medicine, education and nutrition. Since poverty and child labor is very high in Guatemala, the employees try to help children among others by searching for sponsorships, to provide a better educational opportunity and thus a future perspective. They also work with the adults in the form of help for self-help. During the three weeks I was several times on the road with the director, who showed me a lot about the organization. In addition, I was allowed to assist the doctor in the weighing and measuring of the children, to help in the pharmacy and to sell at the bazaar, which was organized to obtain funding. It was a lot of fun!
The accommodation in the homestay was also really good. The meals were delicious! WIFI is only in the living / eating room close to the router (not in the rooms of volunteers) but that is absolutely okay. The bathroom even had warm water in the shower. The terrace is really useful!
Do Guatemala has always looked after me very well and made everything possible to allow me this unforgettable stay.

Julia & Marco – Italy
March 2016
Volunteering at Elderly women’s nursing home
Quetzaltenango, 1 week

It was an amazing experience! We did many activities with the old ladies together with the staff, and we had lots of fun! What surprised us was the quick and friendly connection with the staff, as The Do Guatemala service was very nice! We really liked the help provided on the first day. Also, we really liked the fact that there was a possibility to volunteer for only one week. At the end, if we had the time we would have liked to stay longer! Therefore, we would advise anyone to stay as long as you can. Relax, take it easy and show initiative with the ladies! The latter because contact with the people at the project was definitely the best experience for us.
Good job Do Guatemala! We are very grateful for the experience!

Helga - Germany
February 2016 – March 2016 
Volunteering at Centro de Salud
Quetzaltenango, 4 weeks

My main tasks were weighing and measuring babies and small children. The work was sometimes a bit tiresome, but always a lot of fun! One of the reasons it was tiresome for me, is that it was hard to understand the people, especially in the beginning. I found out my Spanish wasn’t good enough. It is very recommendable to be able to speak a bit of English, or even better Spanish! Also, maintaining contact with other travelers is great! Do Guatemala’s service was very good, I felt really well looked after! Also, my room in the guest family was great and the family was really sweet and caring! The Spanish school was very good and I had a great time there! Especially the teachers were very nice! We did many fun activities and times were flexible, which was great! I also loved the Guatemalan people and the landscape is absolutely breath taking!
Apart from the Spanish language, other advice I have is to make sure you pack enough warm clothing, as the days can be hot, but the evenings can be pretty cold! For hygiene, moisturized towels and handkerchiefs would be good to bring with you! Also, if you wear glasses, bring cloth to clean them with, as it is almost impossible to buy them here! I would definitely recommend Do Guatemala to others! I think it would also be great for younger people!

Aylin – Germany
January – February 2016
Volunteering at Puesto de Salud and Centro de Salud
Quetzaltenango, 5 weeks

In General my volunteering experience was very good. My tasks were the vaccinations of adults and children, the control of children’s growth, and the supply of vitamins and medicines. I liked the personal contact with the patients and the nurses since that offered me the opportunity to improve my Spanish greatly! In Centro de Salud, the language barrier was difficult sometimes, but already after a few days that wasn’t a problem anymore!
The support provided by Do Guatemala was very, very, very, very good!  The offerings for activities to fill my free time were great, the planning of my time in Antigua after Xela worked perfectly and fast, and I could contact the staff at any time!
The time in the family Do Guatemala arranged for me was one of the greatest experiences I had in my time here. The meals were always great and my host mom always cooked something extra (vegetarian) for me to make sure I was satisfied. One thing I will never forget is when my host mom said: “My house is not a hotel or a restaurant, but we are a family living and spending time together.” I had two great months here and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do adventures and experience new things you could normally not dream of! Lastly, I would advise everyone to be open minded and you will have the time of your life!
Thank you!

Chris & Anne – United States
January 2016 – February 2016 
Private and public transportation, accommodation and trips and activities throughout Guatemala
Travel itinerary: Antigua, Nebaj, Todos Santos, Lake Atitlan, Flores, Yaxha, Sayaxche - 3 weeks

We arranged part of our trip with Do Guatemala, and part of it we wanted to arrange ourselves. The part that Do Guatemala organized for us, transportation and trips, was very good. Communication with the staff was excellent and prompt. Also, they sent us notes about the possibilities for us, and those proved very helpful! Apart from having some problems with exchanging US dollars to Quetzals in local banks, and not having any knowledge about what was considered “normal” to tip the guides, we don’t have any remarks on the knowledge Do Guatemala provided us with! Also, Do Guatemala was available all the time to answer our questions, which we didn’t need much as they prepared our trip very well and everything was clear. Moreover, the guides that were arranged for us were very knowledgeable and good company! They all spoke English, which came in very handy sometimes as they could function as translators as well.

We saw and did lots of amazing things during our trip, but the best thing was the mix of geographies, cultural experiences, and even altitudes and pace of the holiday. The Highlands were very special! Thanks for your help in arranging our holiday. We’ve always found it valuable to get local special assistance while still planning some parts of our trips ourselves, and we were delighted with Do Guatemala and the value you added to our trip!

EinarUnited States
July 2015 – February 2016
Spanish lessons, volunteering at different projects, Spanish lessons, travelling
Antigua, 13 weeks – Quetzaltenango 17 weeks

My experience in Guatemala was great! I got to see the whole country and visit beautiful places! I had a wonderful host family, and volunteering was unforgettable. The different projects I did were all very interesting and I met very nice people! Transportation to and from the projects or while travelling was sometimes a bit confusing, but Do Guatemala was always very helpful. They were always available and did a good job in providing me with what I needed! The language classes were very useful as well, and the cafeteria in which I had the private lessons was very nice, as I could order drinks and food during the lesson! The teacher was very friendly and this made the classes a lot of fun!

My favourite memory of the trip was when I went to the Mayan ruins of Tikal! What an amazing place! Also, the guest family I stayed at was perfect! Do Guatemala helped me switch to another family without any problem, as I could then be in the same family as my brother. To future visitors of Guatemala I would say: Go out end experience! Especially the markets were very cool!

Olafur - United States
July 2015 – February 2016
Spanish lessons, volunteering at different projects, Spanish lessons, travelling
Antigua, 13 weeks – Quetzaltenango, 17 weeks

My volunteering experience was amazing! I really enjoyed my stay in Guatemala and I would without a doubt recommend it to anyone who likes travelling and to experience new things! For me, it was surprising that everyone is so polite and happy, even though they often have little to no money. I liked the cultural experience and learning the language.
Understanding the people and communicating especially in the beginning was hard for me, as my Spanish was not good at first. However, due to the Spanish classes I took in the first few weeks, it got a lot better! The classes were fun and the teacher seemed experienced. Also, apart from just lessons, we did some activities and walked around in the city as well!

The support from Do Guatemala was really good and professional. The Do Guatemala staff was always easy to contact and every problem got solved right away! I switched host families once within Xela, which was organized by Do Guatemala in no time. Therefore I would say that if you would like to change, be open about it towards the staff, and they will definitely help you. I really liked all three families I stayed with, but in my opinion some were better than others. The meals were mostly big enough or even too big, and the food was good for the families I stayed with in Xela. The family in Antigua sometimes didn’t give a lot to eat and the same food over and over again. However, after I addressed this to Do Guatemala they talked to the guest family right away to improve the situation for future guests.
The day I went to see the Xela football game in the stadium with my guest family is a very good memory! I really enjoyed staying here and I am glad I chose to organize it with Do Guatemala. Thanks a lot!

Jonas - Germany
January 2016
Spanish lessons, volunteering at education project (German and English teaching)
Quetzaltenango, 2 weeks

My volunteering project was a great experience! I wondered if I could really do anything in ‘only’ two weeks, but I felt I could really make a difference. Together with other volunteers we brought structure to the school and established frequent English and German classes. I taught the children a bit of English and German and that was much appreciated by the director as well as the kids. Moreover, the support from Do Guatemala was very good! They were there when I needed them and were always very friendly! The accommodation Do Guatemala arranged for me was Hostel Casa Renaissance, which was super cool! Cozy, centrally located, great people, good communication and it was spacious! The central location was ideal for me, as one of the things I liked a lot during my stay was the authenticity of Xela. I went into the city a lot because I loved the atmosphere.
Apart from the volunteering, Do Guatemala arranged private Spanish lessons for me. My teacher was very nice! There was a clear structure and communication was good. We walked through the city once and she explained about the things we saw, very helpful!
Another thing I loved was seeing the smile on the children’s faces, and them hugging me tightly as they did not want me to leave on my last day. I would definitely come to Xela again! Thank you for wonderful memories!

Marissa - The Netherlands
June 2015

Spanish lessons, volunteering at health outpost,  travelling through Guatemala
Quetzaltenango, 4 weeks

During my time in the health centre, I was occupied with vaccinating, pre-consults, and documentations, and I have to say I liked all of it! There were fewer patients than I expected so in the beginning it was hard to see a task division. However, this became clearer as I got into it. Do Guatemala was very helpful throughout the entire process and the host family and private Spanish lessons they organised were excellent, although I would have liked some more fruits and vegetables with my meals.
My best memory of the trip is a three year old boy who suffered from swollen tonsils. No-one looked at his throat before so being able to help him by sending him to a specialist meant a lot to me.
Apart from the volunteering, Do Guatemala organised many interesting activities for me! I visited a lot of popular places, of which las Fuentes Georginas were the most spectacular! Do Guatemala answered all of my questions and therefore I felt well prepared prior to departure, as well as during my stay. They were always available!
Over all I had a great time in Guatemala! Thank you!

Brandon - USA
March 2015

Spanish lessons, volunteering at special education project, traveling through Guatemala
Quetzaltenango, 4 weeks

There is too much to say about how incredible it was to travel throughout Guatemala. The culture is rich and the landscape is breathtaking. Do Guatemala made my travel experience something to cherish. Once I contacted the members of the program I was sure I had made the right decision. The staff are encouraging and extremely knowledgable of the in's and out's of traveling in this beautiful country. My role was to make a phone call or email about the type of trip I desired and in less than a day I was provided with many options to tailor my trip. Do Guatemala found me a wonderful home stay with a caring family. I asked to volunteer at a site that would best utilize my expertise and I couldn't have been more satisfied. I made life long friendships with the local employees at Fundabien! As well, each weekend I wanted to travel throughout Guatemala while not in Spanish School or volunteering. Do Guatemala's staff set everything up for me and I was overwhelmingly grateful for their guidance and knowledge. I highly recommend contacting and planning your trip to Guatemala with Do Guatemala. You will not be disappointed.

Laura - Germany
November – December 2014
Spanish lessons and volunteering at teenage mother&girls shelter, jungle project and turtle project
Quetzaltenango, Flores and Monterrico, 6 weeks

At the shelter I was looking after the babies, talking to their teenage mothers. It was a great experience, just sad to see that this project hasn’t really a system for the overtaxed moms.
At the project in the jungle I was feeding animals, cleaning and other duties. Unfortunately I didn’t like this place. I didn’t really feel well in the jungle with all the animals and the humidity… so I ended the project after 2 days. Then I went to the turtle project at the beach! Great place, very nice people. Felt at home, cool work with the baby turtles, enjoyed it very much!!! Stayed there for 10 days.
About the Do Guatemala support; I really have to say, they were all the 6 weeks very caring and always reachable. Juan Mario and Petra are very kind persons, who really care about each volunteer! Also when I left Xela and went to the other places in the country, Petra still stayed in contact with me through WhatsApp. So I never felt alone, because I always had someone I could ask questions and other things I wasn’t sure about.
Tips for future volunteers:
- You go to the markets, i really enjoyed it!
- Also my 1st project is really recommendable if you like to organize your own day duty.
In Xela I had the perfect host family!! We always had very nice cooked meals, always different, and on time. They had really nice personalities, and a clean house. Also the bathrooms were clean, I even had a own bathroom! Great people!!!

Saskia - Germany
September – December 2014

Spanish lessons and volunteering at children´s project, rehabilitation clinic and teenage mother&girls shelter
Quetzaltenango, 12 weeks

I really liked volunteering in Xela, especially at the shelter. I liked caring for the babies of teenage mothers and to speak with them. My tasks were also teaching English and organize games.
I changed host families once, and I was very happy in my second family. It couldn´t be better! Nice food, nice family, everything clean and comfortable – I liked it a lot.
The Spanish lessons were really helpful and my teacher was really nice. I general I really like the school Do Guatemala has partnered up with, I would recommend it to anyone.
My favorite memory was all the friends I met and all the excursions. Dancing salsa!

Mary - UK
August 2014

Private transportation, accommodation and tours in Antigua

We had a wonderful weekend in Antigua. It was an interesting introduction to the country and I would love to return another time and visit other parts.
Everything went really smoothly. The drivers were on time and very pleasant. Our guide up the volcano was very good and the arranged hotel lived up to expectations and the TripAdvisor reviews. It was also good for us that so many of the guests were either Guatemalans or Spanish-speaking, My Spanish improved over the weekend!

Thank you so much for organising everything that made our weekend go smoothly. I will definitely recommend your company for anyone wanting to travel to Guatemala.

Leanne and Ben - USA/Guatemala
April 2014

Airport pickup and transportation services

It's been a pleasure doing business with you! We'll definately recommend you to our friends and keep you in mind for any other future travel needs.
Thanks again!

Charles & Bea – The Netherlands 
February – March 2014 - 4 weeks
Travel itinerary: Antigua, Copan, Rio Dulce, El Remate, Flores & El Mirador Expedition

Thank you for everything that you have arranged for us, the communication and guidance with Do Guatemala was good, as well as the services arranged via Do Guatemala, such as the accommodation, tours, and especially the transportation arranged for us, which was much better than we expected it to be. Staying in El Mirador was the best part of the trip, although the trekking itself was heavy, and our guide was excellent.

Frank – The Netherlands 
November 2013 – March 2014 
Spanish lessons and volunteering at several projects in health care, child care, education and a coffee farm. 
Quetzaltenango, 14 weeks, 
Antigua, 3 weeks

Project 1 – medical (field) work Quetzaltenango
The first project was a medical institute. From the very beginning, people at the project have been very open to me and they made me feel home. As I do not have any medical experience yet, I did not expect being able to do a lot in the medical field, but actually I did! We also visited villages around Quetzaltenango and the orphanage, to weigh the children for example. This was the perfect job for me, although there is not always medical work available, I was able to learn a lot from it!
Project 2 – clinic Quetzaltenango
The second project was at a health center. Each day there is a massive line of people (of all ages) who need to get their vaccinations, which is where I helped out. It was a job with quite some pressure, after all you can also do it wrong, but it was very rewarding!
Project 3 – child care Quetzaltenango
The third project concerned child care, I worked here in the afternoons for 4 weeks and it mainly involved playing with the children, as well as thinking of new activities for them to do, it was easy to taken initiative!
Project 4 – coffee farm Quetzaltenango
The Coffee farm was very special. . I worked here for 2 weeks and I ate and worked at the local families of the farm, every 4 days I switched families. Moreover, I opened the library for the children during the afternoons. I would recommend everyone to work at this project, you will be helping out which is also very rewarding. Also, the men of the coffee farm have very interesting stories about their life during the civil war.
Project 5 – education Antigua
During my last month in Guatemala I volunteered at school close to Antigua. I helped out in a second grade class with children in the age of 7 to 8. I was surprised by how fast I got to know the children, as in the beginning there were only names and faces, but every name has it’s character and difficulties. It is great and really rewarding to help these children when they are stuck.

Do Guatemala
I am very happy that I arranged everything through Do Guatemala, especially because you need someone to fall back on when things go wrong, something which Do Guatemala provides you with.
Tips for future volunteers
Be open to new experiences and interests! Don’t be afraid to take initiative or to ask things!
The host families were I stayed were great, the first was like a second family for me as I stayed there for a longer time, the second was also great, especially the food!
Spanish lessons
I never learned Spanish before I came to Guatemala, I took 2 weeks of Spanish classes and I learned a lot! The teacher knows what to do with you as well as that the school offers such a great environment!
Favorite memory
One of the special moments was my last day working at the school in Antigua, I have never seen so many kids crying, a little sad, but for me it was also a sign that they really appreciated my company.

I would like to thank Do Guatemala for arranging all this for me, it was a great experience!

Gerrit – The Netherlands 
March 2014 - 2 weeks
Travel itinerary: Quetzaltenango, Laguna Chicabal, Indigenous villages, La Muela, Panajachel, Chichicastenango, Antigua, Monterrico

Everything went well and was perfectly arranged for me. I had a friendly host family, nice trips, luxury hotels, transport from door to door, and was brought to special places which I would not have found by myself. There was a lot of variation in my trip, from quite busy touristic places to less crowded places where I was able to relax, and temperature differences, some places were hot whilst other places were chillier. Thank you for arranging my trip!

Eliane - Germany
November – December 2013

Spanish class and volunteering at health clinic
Quetzaltenango, 7 weeks

It was a very good experience to see a different health system, I got the chance to really work with it and I really enjoyed my time. In the first clinic where I worked weren´t that many patients, but they did for example a workshop for medical students in Guatemala about the Red Cross. The second clinic has a lot of patients, because they offer free health care for everyone. We also often went with a pick-up truck to rural areas to vaccinate children.
The support by Do Guatemala was perfect. They really care for you. I asked after one week for changing the program, because they hadn´t a lot of patients and a lot of volunteers there. I asked at the end of the week, and in the next week she already accompanied me my new project at another clinic. It was really uncomplicated and so fast.
For other volunteers, I recommend you to be open-minded, explore as much as you can, be interested in a new culture, take every experience as unique, learn Spanish and enjoy your time, it´s great here 
Also, the host family was so nice and friendly. I felt really like at home, they are so funny . They made my stay here wonderful! The meals were fantastic, I tried a lot of new things and really liked it. I had never problems with security, I felt always safe here.
For the people at Do Guatemala, I just want to say thank you for your good job. You´re so nice and friendly! It was such a good experience! And I will definitely come back to Xela.

Gabriele - Germany
July – August 2013

Spanish class and volunteering at children´s project
Quetzaltenango, 6 weeks

I had a great time volunteering at the projects, I did activities such as playing, teaching, eating, all with the kids.
The people and teachers at the projects were really very nice and helpful, and enjoyed it. They liked it that I was here, also if I really needed help!
For me it was a little bit difficult that I just spoke beginner Spanish, but I could understand a lot after two weeks of crash course at the language school. The experience at the school was great. I had a very nice and good teacher, also the school is very helpful with everything!
At the host family, it was really wonderful also! We got everything we needed every day, even great meals, and lovely conversations only in Spanish!
I think that doing volunteer work is a great human being thing, and I only can speak to other people to do the same!

Julie – Germany
July 2013
Spanish class and volunteering at children´s project and reforestation
Quetzaltenango, 5 weeks

My volunteer experiences were totally new and something really different. But I enjoyed the new experiences.
About my Spanish classes:
School: modern, comfortable! Everyone has his/her own teacher; you get a snack during a break, you can drink and get as much water as you want for free. They help you whenever they can and take time for your questions. 
Teacher: my teacher was nice. She helped me with my difficulties and tried to help me SPEAK Spanish! Grammar was not that important but the communication counts for her!

The support of Do Guatemala was perfect. Petra always had time to meet if you had any questions. She also can help to plan trips around the country.

For future volunteers I would recommend to prepare yourself that everything is different than in Europe! But the people are nice, helpful and patient if you don´t know how to say something in Spanish. Xela is big but there is not much to do except of eating. Do don´t stay too long - it might be boring if you don´t have to do something! Running is impossible because of the bad streets.

My favorite memory of this trip was the trip to Tikal and Rio Dulce! It was a long journey but it was so much worth it. The northwest is so different than the highlands and you have to see the Mayan ruins! Rio Dulce is beautiful and you live directly in the jungle. That was so amazing!

Kerstin - Germany
February 2013
Spanish lessons and volunteering at a coffee farm
Quetzaltenango, 2 weeks

1. Organization
Many thanks for organizing my trip, I really felt well and safe with you and was happy to have you on my side in case of questions or problems.
Many thanks for picking me up at the end of the trip and bringing me to the school. Also that you were available for my questions and problems was helpful and the trip to the lake and also Antigua where really great! I also enjoyed getting all the information on the country from you. This made me feel I really got to know the country during my stay. And of course, that you both speak English is a great plus as well.
2. Coffee farm
I felt good living in the Casa Grande at the coffee finca. Due to the stay of the Americans I had to move my room, but that was okay with me. What was a bit of a problem for me – as already told – was that no internet was available as the modem was dead. I don’t know for how long this is the current status, but I guess the internet is just something, people at the Finca don’t need. Of course it is possible to go to a Internet Café in Colomba to use the internet. I just didn’t feel like I could go there by pick up on my own. During the last few days also the TV broke down, which was no problem for me, but the other people staying at the house. Andrea told me they are going to have a mechanic person coming over to repair it soon.
3. Project work
Unfortunately, a vermin destroyed the coffee plants last year therefore the harvest was really bad and the people are of course suffering from that. Normally the coffee harvest is between October and December – so there was of course no harvest possible when I was there and the people breed new coffee plants at the moment.
So what I worked with was with the chicken there, carrying firewood and being responsible for the bibliotheca. Of course a different work than what I expected. But, this was the type of work where I experienced that I really was useful for the community. The children were happy to play with me and looked forward to it.
What also was fun was to work within the kitchen during the second week.
In contrast to my speaking problems the people there where really lovely and nice and tried to understand what I was saying and wanting. They told me their story, their history and showed my their land.
Moreover the big party they gave as a thank you for the Canadian group really moved my heart – the goodbye to the group was somehow emotional for the whole community. And I could see the hopes they connect with every tourist coming there.
All in all I enjoyed the stay at the Finca and got to know interesting people and stories. The food was really delicious and the people open minded. Also that one of the hombres accompanied my on my way back to Xela was really lovely. But I might have not gone there if I knew I will not see the harvest of coffee or bananas.
Also the security situation in the country was some kind of frightening for me before my trip, but I never experienced some kind of frightening situation during my stay there. Surely a reason for this was my way to travel (high class backpacker I would say J ) but also being aware of the situation, as we were discussing in the car to the lake. 
4. General 
What really made my trip special was the side activities: hiking the Tajumulco was really, really exhausting, but was a special thing to do and I don’t want to miss that. Also the Pacaya hike (yes, in the end I also did that) was nice, really easy and a great experience. Also the Lake and Antigua where locations I would recommend for every traveler to Guatemala. 
If you have any questions on my feedback, just let me know. 
Again, many thanks.