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Mayan languages

A variation on the Spanish classes is a Mayan language course. In Quetzaltenango, you can study K´iche (also spelled Kiche or Quiche), one of the indigenous languages spoken in Guatemala, and can be very useful to somebody who is interacting with people from indigenous communities. K’iche classes have been given to researchers, volunteers, linguistics, but even Guatemalans who are interested in this unique heritage of their own country.

Like the Spanish classes, K’iche lessons are given in a 1-on-1 methodology. For the K’iche lessons, it is important to domain the Spanish language at an intermediate level, as these classes are given completely in Spanish.



Flexible scheduling

$ 11.11                              


Price per hour for a private lesson

*The schedules are very flexible. Meaning you can have as few or as many lessons as you please. The price is set, regardless of the amount of lessons you take. You can indicate how many classes you want on the reservation form.