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Spanish immersion course

Spanish Immersion Course
The Spanish immersion course is the program most students choose for. It is an intensive course of private Spanish lessons, working on all the aspects of the Spanish language (writing, reading, listening and speaking). The Spanish classes are taught by experienced and professional teachers, in a unique 1-on-1 methodology.

Tuition and fees


Spanish lessons Quetzaltenango

 Option 1: Quetzaltenango - private teacher 
Cost: $8.89 per hour

Flexible scheduling per hour, flexible study program (focus on your needs like grammar study, conversational skills, or explore the city with your teacher. Also, topics like medical Spanish are available.


 Option 2: Quetzaltenango - Spanish school

$211 per week (25 hours)
$30 registration fee (paid once, or included in registration fee Do Guatemala)


5 hours daily, morning or afternoon)
Our partner school in Quetzaltenango is centrally located in the historical centre, in Zone 1. The school is located in a colonial building, with ample study space in the corridor around the beautiful courtyard with garden and flowers.


Option 3: Antigua - Spanish school20141110 110821peq

$144 tuition for 20 hours
$ 30 registration fee (paid once, or included in registration fee Do Guatemala)
20 hrs weekly

Our school in Antigua is also located in the city centre, only a few blocks from the Parque Central in Antigua, near the San Francisco church. Antigua is smaller than Xela, and everything is on walking distance from the school. The school is located in a nice building with inside and outside study areas.


Home stay can be arranged too, which is living with a Guatemalan host family. Read more here.