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Visa extension

When you arrive in Guatemala, either by land or by air, you will come through the migration area, where you receive a 90-day tourist visa. This visa is valid for 4 countries: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. So you are allowed to stay 90 days in these four countries per visit.

For most travelers, 90 days is enough. But there are also many travelers who want to stay longer than 90 days, for example for Spanish classes or volunteering. Well, that is possible.
Do Guatemala can assist you with everything about visa information. Also, if you need to extend your visa with another 90 days, we can arrange this.

There are basically two options; either going to the migration office in Guatemala City and hand in the paperwork for an extension with a fee around $15 that you pay in the migration office, or if you want to do some traveling right away, you could make a (day)trip to either Mexico or Belize. For both options, we have the information and contacts to organize your visa extension.

Please mention in the reservation form if you plan on staying longer, or contact us if you need help on the short term.