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Do Guatemala registration

Do Guatemala offers many types of travel services in Guatemala. Regardless of the service that you book, we maintain the same professional service with all our clients.
We offer all our clients the opportunity to pay a registration fee. This registration fee offers the clients some extra priviliges during the trip. For some bookings this is optional, for others it is part of the booking.

For clients booking services including accommodation, tours and/or transportation, the registration fee is optional.
For clients booking services including Spanish lessons and/or volunteering, the registration fee is part of your invoice. 

The registration gives you many advantages as a traveler. These are the services you receive for free after registering:

-    A free pickup service from the airport 24/7, and if needed (with late arrival), one night of accommodation in Guatemala City included OR direct shuttle to Antigua from the airport (without overnight stay).
-    Free registration at the Spanish school (normally $30)
-    Free volunteer intermediation and a donation to your project of $30
-    A detailed welcome package with many travel tips, received before your departure
-    Free emergency service and travel consultation
-    The guarantee that your whole stay in Guatemala will be organized professionally and according to your wishes by Do Guatemala.

The registration fee is a one-time payment, the cost is $175, and will be included in your personal invoice. For inquiries or bookings, please fill out our form, without any commitment!