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Hotels Coban / Semuc Champey


The Coban area is known for its beautiful nature parks and caves, such as the Quetzal Biotope, the Lanquin Caves, and of course, Semuc Champey. The area is quite stretched out, so we would be glad to find accommodation in an adequate place for you.

If you want to stay in the Coban area, or looking for a luxurious hotel, you should book accommodation in Coban itself. But if you are ready for a small adventure, and want to spend several days in the Lanquin area and visit Semuc Champey, then we definitely recommend you to take the trip and go to Lanquin. Here you can basically find two types of accommodation, in the budget to midrange class.

There is the hostel type of hotel, with small dorm rooms or private rooms and access to the river Lanquin, same as the town, to take a swim, and with a restaurant where the staff prepares great buffets each night. The other option is a more formal middle class hotel with a-la-carte restaurant and swimming pool.