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Getaway accommodation Quetzaltenango


The Quetzaltenango area is known for its volcanic activity. This hotel, located on about 10 kms from Quetzaltenango, in Zunil, has used this volcanic activity very wisely, and constructed a hotel on top, having their own volcanic steam saunas and Jacuzzis with volcanic hot water.

This hotel is a luxurious getaway, located in the rural area of the Quetzaltenango valley, with great views on the surrounding mountains and green forests with all its flora and fauna.

Each room has its own sauna, Jacuzzi, chimney, cable tv, CD player and room service. On the property, you can find the following facilities:

-          public saunas and hot baths

-          restaurant

-          squash court, gym and board games

-          a very complete thermal spa with massages and facial and body therapies

This is a location to enjoy luxury and relaxation!