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Getaway accommodation Antigua


On about 20 minutes from Antigua, you can find this avocado farm, on an altitude of 6000ft (2000m). Located in the hills of Antigua, the views on the towns below are gorgeous, and the volcanoes surrounding you are impressive. This is a great location for some relaxation, or to hike the surrounding mountains.

 This lodge offers a nice variety in cabins, either for 1-3 persons, or even up to 6 people. There is also a real tree house for 2 people, and there are dorm beds. Camping is also an option, in the dry season you can rent the lodge’s tents. Prices for 1 person go from approx. $5 for camping to $35 for the most luxurious cabin.

What makes this lodge unique are its amazing views, considering the altitude. Activities that are offered include hikes, games, a Mayan sauna and a book and movie collection.