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About Guatemala

Guatemala is a beautiful country in Central America. On the north it is neigboured by Mexico and Belize, in the south by El Salvador and Honduras. Guatemala is a relatively small country; 90 times smaller than the USA, or three times larger than the Netherlands. The official language in Guatemala is Spanish.

Guatemala is known for its many varieties. Varieties in cultures, in landscapes and climates. And this variety makes your trip so unique! Guatemala is a destination where tourism is not a mass business yet, you won’t see the (un)famous busloads of tourists here. And above all, there is so much variety, that Guatemala is the perfect destination for each traveler! Culture travelers can immerse in the Mayan culture by visiting the famous ruins of Tikal or visit a typical indigenous highland village, or take a language course so that you can communicate with the people yourself. Nature lovers or adventurous travelers can hike one of the many volcanoes, or make a (jungle) trek, totally off the beaten track. Even for relaxation there are many options; there is the Caribbean or Pacific coast with beaches, or stay in the highland area and enjoy the stunning scenery at Lake Atitlan, or take a hot bath in a volcanic hot spring.
So it is not enough to say you have been to Guatemala, you will Do Guatemala!