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About Do Guatemala

Do Guatemala is a Guatemalan-Dutch owned DMC founded in 2012 and located in the beautiful city of Quetzaltenango. Our main goal is to create unforgettable experiences in any possible way for any possible visitor in Guatemala.

Guatemala is known for its charming colorfulness and we represent that in our variety of products such as:
• Being the ideal partner on the ground for international tours & travels with exclusive trips;
• Offering volunteering at local projects, while living in a local host family and experience the real Guatemala
• Offering language courses given by qualified local teachers.
This makes us the only local travel agency who includes all of this in their offer. We believe that Guatemala has a lot of potential and can be seen as one worthy travel destination.

In our offer, you will find all the stunning highlights of Guatemala, through the entire country. We arrange marvelous excursions to for example Tikal, Lake Atitlan, Antigua and the Chichicastenango market, but also the destinations off the beaten track, such as Quetzaltenango and surroundings, Semuc Champey, Nebaj and Todos Santos, Rio Dulce and the Pacific Coast. The itineraries are customized according to the client's interests, preferences and budget. Tours including Mexico, Belize and Guatemala are also available.

What makes us different from other DMC´s in Guatemala? Well, we are a unique travel agency with a unique offer and we consider sustainability and the wellbeing of our clients and the local population as fundamental. While offering the best of Guatemala, we describe our service as exceptional. Why? Because we treat our clients like if they were visitors in our own house, always available to help with anything and with a personal touch in the whole process.

Who are we?

Do Guatemala is owned by Juan Mario Cervantes and Petra Post, a Guatemalan-Dutch couple. Our passion for travel and tourism has always inspired us Foto About Us
to start our own DMC. In recent years we have been able to successfully realize our clients' dreams whether by offering volunteering work, creating unforgettable itineraries or by organizing Spanish lessons. This encourages us to continue to improve our services and support local communities as much as possible.

Mission: Our mission is to make your travel experience in Guatemala something to remember for the rest of your life, while we show you this beautiful country in all its glory and grandeur. You’ll feel like you want to come back and to talk to your friends and family to do the same, regardless if you come for volunteering, a vacation full of culture, nature and adventure, or language lessons.

Vision: We see ourselves as a quality agency with the skills, service, support and suppliers to offer you the most original and ample products and services, for all type of tourists while enjoying Guatemala and all it has to offer. Our final product is of high level, economically, very professional, safely and with the best quality of service available.

Social position: Being located in Guatemala, we are concerned with Guatemala´s development. We support the organizations and projects in our volunteer program with a donation, either financial or materialistic, to be fully involved with our partner organizations. We are conscious of the environment, and we aim to include sustainable initiatives into our travel itineraries (work with eco-hotels, promote plastic-free traveling, support local tourism initiatives, among others).


In case of cancellations, we can refund 75% of the total costs, if the cancellation is made 60 days or more before the travel date. We can refund 50% of the cost if the cancellation is made between 30 and 59 days before the travel date. Any cancellation received less than 30 days on beforehand, no refunds are applicable.

How does our website work?

On our website you can find many different travel services for Guatemala. Please have a look at our menus, and select the items you are interested in. We offer tours, language lessons, volunteering, transportation and accommodation in Guatemala.

So how does it work?

- Explore our website and make your own list of things you want to do and see
- Send the inquiry form with your wishes
- We will send you a first itinerary proposal
- If you agree with the proposal, we will start booking your accommodations, and we will send you the instructions to pay your travel services *
- We send you the welcome packet, your confirmed itinerary and vouchers
- READY to travel to Guatemala!

* You can read here about our payment options

If you would like to (also) volunteer, there will be included a registration fee to your itinerary, in order to make the perfect arrangements for you. This registration is a one time payment of $175, read more about that here.